3.3. Flash Bootloader


3.3.1. 设置

请运行 安装依赖脚本 以下载所有必需的依赖项。请注意,此脚本必须在git上下文中运行,因此您必须先下载 depthai-python 存储库,然后再运行该脚本:

git clone https://github.com/luxonis/depthai-python.git
cd depthai-python/examples
python3 install_requirements.py

3.3.2. 源代码

可以在 GitHub 上找到。国内用户也可以在 gitee 上找到。

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import depthai as dai
import sys
import time

blType = dai.DeviceBootloader.Type.AUTO
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
    if sys.argv[1] == 'usb':
        blType = dai.DeviceBootloader.Type.USB
    elif sys.argv[1] == 'network':
        blType = dai.DeviceBootloader.Type.NETWORK
        print("Specify either 'usb' or 'network' bootloader type")

(found, info) = dai.DeviceBootloader.getFirstAvailableDevice()
if not found:
    print("No device found to flash. Exiting.")

hasBootloader = (info.state == dai.XLinkDeviceState.X_LINK_BOOTLOADER)
if hasBootloader:
    print("Warning! Flashing bootloader can potentially soft brick your device and should be done with caution.")
    print("Do not unplug your device while the bootloader is flashing.")
    print("Type 'y' and press enter to proceed, otherwise exits: ")
    if input() != 'y':
        print("Prompt declined, exiting...")

# Open DeviceBootloader and allow flashing bootloader
print(f"Booting latest bootloader first, will take a tad longer...")
with dai.DeviceBootloader(info, allowFlashingBootloader=True) as bl:
    currentBlType = bl.getType()

    if blType == dai.DeviceBootloader.Type.AUTO:
        blType = currentBlType

    # Check if bootloader type is the same, if already booted by bootloader (not in USB recovery mode)
    if currentBlType != blType and hasBootloader:
        print(f"Are you sure you want to flash '{blType.name}' bootloader over current '{currentBlType.name}' bootloader?")
        print(f"Type 'y' and press enter to proceed, otherwise exits: ")
        if input() != 'y':
            print("Prompt declined, exiting...")

    # Create a progress callback lambda
    progress = lambda p : print(f'Flashing progress: {p*100:.1f}%')

    print(f"Flashing {blType.name} bootloader...")
    startTime = time.monotonic()
    (res, message) = bl.flashBootloader(dai.DeviceBootloader.Memory.FLASH, blType, progress)
    if res:
        print("Flashing successful. Took", time.monotonic() - startTime, "seconds")
        print("Flashing failed:", message)